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First time in crypto history

An amazing combination of Airdrop and pre-sale

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Welcome to Speedon world

A most promising scalable and stable coin

Speedon (SPDO) is a team driven crypto coin, that is for the people who love to earn more in a less time and with a small investment. All of our policies and planning are designed to make you richer in a speedy manners with a bit of charity.

Speedon (SPDO) is originated to success, For You and With You.
Join us today and enjoy a fortune tomorrow.

Current Price : BNB per SPDO
25% 50% 75% 100%
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Why Speedon ?
Speedon is neither too costly, nor too cheap. It means it will be escalated faster.
With our user friendly manual, anyone can buy, sell or gift Speedon coin easily.
Soon, a lot of consumer durables will be launched, which you could purchase in Speedon coins.
Speedon coins are safer and reliable more than its counterparts, because we are planning to introduce a buyback facility with worldwide ATM withdrawal to our holders.

Coin Allocation - Cryptonomics

Total Supply. 450000000000000
Circulating supply 225000000000000

Will go to charity
Burn on every transaction
Will go to liquidity
Will be credited in Promoters wallet
Awarded to existing holders

Our Team

Founder & CMD
Sanjeev K Agarwal

Graphics & Crypto expert

Co-founder & CEO
Sandeep K Agarwal

An experienced Media professional & marketing strategy expert

Umar Akhtar Rizvi
Buisness consultant

Management and marketing

Shaifaly Singh
Prenic Healer

Charity Expert

Sweta Agrawal
Creative consultant

A design professional & innovative thinker

MANU Chaudhary
Social worker & charity expert